Get to Know Maksimed

Maksimed, whose foundations were laid in 2005, has become one of the largest and most successful medical companies in Turkey, always one step ahead of change in its journey of more than 18 years. Considering the aim of complying with international standards and continuous development in all its activities, Maksimed is a world player that is advancing step by step towards its goal of catching the success of its country in the world.

Within the scope of our company policy, we make our development sustainable by adapting the past experiences and knowledge to the present in the most appropriate way, while expanding our past successes by expanding to foreign markets.

Maksimed, which offers products for human health to the service of medicine and humanity with pioneering and innovative approaches; has always been a company that carries forward the power it takes from its past. We have always been one of the companies that are shown as an example in the sector with our studies carried out at home and abroad and with our R&D experience.

Being a global player, which is one of the basic principles in Maksimed’s vision, naturally led us to take an active role in international markets. The goal of our journey that started in international markets in 2014 is to export to more than 50 countries. Increasing these rates in the coming years is among our goals that we want to implement.

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