Maksimed Table Cover

Maksimed Table Cover

Maksimed Table Cover is an important protective equipment used to protect healthcare workers from the risk of infection and to reduce the opportunities of cross-contamination of microorganisms with its highly absorbent and liquid-proof feature.

What Does Maksimed Table Cover Do?

Maksimed Table Cover provides unmatched resistance to water, oil, blood and other cleaning fluids. In such cases, liquid-proof table covers are the most preferred medical covers.

You can use Maksimed Table Cover, which has practical use, with peace of mind due to its quality and superior hygienic properties.

What is the Importance of Maksimed Table Cover?

Maksimed Table Cover is hygienic enough for personal protection during medical procedures, cleaning tasks or food preparation. The Maksimed Table Cover forms an integral part of the infection control strategy. However, it is important to use them appropriately. Otherwise, they may increase patients’ risk of healthcare-associated infections.

Is It Mandatory To Use Maksimed Table Cover?

The decision whether to use a tablecloth in a particular patient care activity or intervention should be evaluated in light of the following considerations, taking into account current health and safety legislation:

  1. Risk of transmission of microorganisms to the patient or healthcare professional
  2. Risk of contamination of healthcare professional clothing and skin by patient blood or body fluids

What Should Be Considered While Buying Maksimed Table Cover?

In medical situations, proper infection control is vital. It is therefore important that medical practitioners are able to obtain the supplies they need to avoid contamination.

Maksimed Table Cover is usually sold in rolls designed for effective infection control and hygiene maintenance in medical settings.

The key features of a good table cover are:

  • Should have enhanced tear resistance
  • The design must be durable
  • Larger size provides more coverage for better infection control.
  • High-quality perforations make it easy to separate the covers from the roll.
  • The ideal thickness is in the range of 18-20 microns. (+/- 20% tolerance)


Aprons are often manufactured from heavy-duty plastic to help provide effective protection and infection control. This makes it easier to wear, increasing tear resistance and reducing the risk of damage.

In addition to having a larger size and harder material, the apron roller also features high-quality holes between each apron. This helps the aprons to be easily separated with minimal waste.

Table covers are available in a variety of models and colours.

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