Chairman's Message

Dear Stakeholders,

We are honored and proud to be among the successful companies of the changing and developing medical and dental sector in our journey that we started with the principle that we cannot exist without producing since 2005.
As a company that works actively in this sector, we are the closest follower of this development and we have never left our targets of continuous renewal and renewal.

Maksimed Medikal is a company focused on both customers and people. Customer satisfaction is the most important factor of our long-term existence in the medical sector and our permanent and stable growth target.

Within the scope of our company policy, we make our development sustainable by adapting the past experiences and knowledge to the present in the most appropriate way, while expanding our past successes by expanding to foreign markets. In this context, the goal of our ongoing journey in international markets is to export to more than 50 countries. Increasing these rates in the coming years is among our goals that we want to implement.

When we were founded, we never lost the excitement we felt when working with our first client. We continue to look to the future with the same enthusiasm.

Kind regards